As a writer, nothing moves me more than words. I fall in love with them a lot. It’s not hard; all I have to do is open a book, magazine or anything with the written word. Whether it's about a person, an animal, a tree, a flower or a lady bug, I feel the words with a passion. I devour them like a literary cannibal. They cast a spell, tossing me into far to reach places. Words ring in my head, they taunt me, seduce me, stroke me, lull me, and manipulate me until I have to let go to cook dinner or go grocery shopping. Breaking the word spell is like being jilted by a lover; it hurts to leave before I’m ready to let go.

I am challenging myself to create a fictional tale each week. My goal is to push myself beyond my comfort zone in not keeping my writings to myself. I will write a variety of compositions that include playwriting, screenwriting, poetry, short stories, non-fiction, and a draft of a fictional novel I’m writing. At times I get jammed in my thoughts and would love for you to throw out ideas that would help me move my writing beyond a snails pace. I will be posting exercises and challenges for myself and others who wish to join me in my creative journey. Look forward to your comments. (just click on the below comments option)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010
People all around us are swimming in the viperous pit of the blemished. Some swim to shore and survive . . . others drown their souls. I write about such people, not from personal experience, but from their voices screaming inside my head. They tell me about their larger-than-life twisted personalities. I write to draw a picture of their nonconforming and flawed nature--and to escape from conformity.
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  1. "People swim all around us..." I like that line. Sounds like you're into some harder edged stuff. You ever read and Elmore Leonard? I was on a Leonard kick a few years back. Read most of his recent fiction. Flows very easily and the dialogue is always good. Keep writing and posting. I know it gets lonely when no one repsonds, but someone may still be listening. :)